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Financial Arrangements

When you are admitted, you should confirm financial arrangements for your care. If you have Medicare or Medicaid hospitalization insurance, please bring your policy, identification card, and other pertinent information.

Most insurance companies require pre-admission certification and a second opinion before surgery. Please review your pre-admission requirements and coverage and advise your physician of these requirements. This process must be complete before admission. If this had not been done in accordance with the policy's requirements, your insurance benefits may be reduced or denied.

As a courtesy, NNRH will accept verifiable third-party coverage and help in any way possible to expedite your claim. However, please remember that the patient is ultimately responsible for the hospital bill because an insurance policy is a contract between patients and their insurance company.

Most hospital insurance plans do not fully cover hospital bills. All bills are payable in full at the time of discharge unless financial arrangements have been made with the business office before discharge. At the time of discharge, you should be prepared to pay the estimated balance due over the verifiable insurance coverage, or make arrangements with the Business Office.

The Business Office will file your claim for insurance assigned to the hospital. If an insurance payment is less than our estimate, you will be billed for the balance due. Jackson Purchase Medical Center can provide several payment arrangements and financing options.

Assistance with Medicaid eligibility is available by calling:
Patient Financial Counselor
(775) 748-2089.
Hospitals and doctors charge separately
Once you are discharged from the hospital, you may receive a separate bill from the physician, anesthesiologist, pathologist, or radiologist. These physicians are not employees of the hospital.

If you have questions about your coverage of your bill, please call the Business Office at (775) 748-2089 and we will be happy to help you.