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2015 Medical Executive Board

Members of the Medical Executive Board for Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital are:


George Mardini, M.D.
Chief of Staff

Timothy Phipps, D.O.
Vice Chief of Staff

Daniel Jones, D.O.
Secretary of the Medical Staff

Brad Burlew, M.D.
Past Chief of Staff

Daniel Jones, D.O.
Chair of Emergency Medicine

Fred Fricke, M.D.
Chair of Medicine

Christopher Ward, M.D.
Medical Director of Anesthesia

George Mardini, M.D.
Medical Director of Pathology

John Gull, D.O.
Chair of Surgery

Kevin Dinwiddie, M.D.
Chair of Pediatrics

Paton Whimple, M.D.
Member at Large

Shane Draper, D.P.M.
Member at Large

Maureen Durkin, M.D.
Medical Representative to the Board

Daniel Jones, D.O.
Physician Representative to the Board